About Us

Stephanie and I have been dating for over a year now. We met 3 years ago in an online game. Throwing caution to the wind, we began spending a lot of time together in various online games, and with the help of modern technology we started getting even closer. Eventually I gained the courage to ask her out, and the rest is history.

Today we talk every day using video chat and phone calls and have built a strong relationship full of love for each other. We have been fortunate to meet each other face to face on various occasions, however not nearly as much as either of us would like. To this effect we have made plans to move in together, but because of the distance between our two locations, me in Idaho, and Steph in New Hampshire a lot of planning and saving needed to be done first.

Unfortunately because of recent financial hardships we have been forced to move the date much closer then expected. The problem is, as of September 15th, 2012 Steph will be homeless, and neither of us can support a move across country at this time.

We are reaching out to family, friends, and the online community with a plea of humanity to help us come together and improve both of our lives immensely.

Thank you for any help that you can offer or donate, anything will be a huge help to bringing us peace of mind.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at LeviPage@gmail.com and thank you for you're time and patience in reading this.



If you would like to help us, any little amount would be extremely appreciated and will bring us a little closer to making this move possible.

You can quickly, securely, and easily make any donation, big or small, using the Paypal button below.

In order to achieve our goal, we are looking for a total of $1,500.
This will pay for the plane, shipping her belongings, and any back bills owed because of the hardship.

Progress: 250/1,500

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!